Samsung countersues Apple over Australian patents

Samsung countersues Apple over Australian patents

The tablet that is in the middle of a patent war between Apple and Samsung - The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Image: Samsung)

Samsung is now countersuing Apple, claiming that the iPad and iPhone maker has infringed on seven of their patents – all which relate to wireless communications – and plans to have Apple’s own patents that it is using against it invalidated and revoked.

Samsung are claiming that these patents are infringed on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad devices.

The case started in Australia with Apple suing Samsung to prevent them from selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, however Samsung agreed to temporarily delay the sale of its new tablet. Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung have battled it out in ongoing lawsuits in Europe, Asia and in the United States.

Interesting, especially since Apple sources some parts from Samsung for its iPhone and iPad parts (they are two ‘separate’ companies but all under the Samsung Group).

“Samsung has a proud history of innovation in the mobile industry,” said a spokesperson from the Korean company to BusinessWeek. “It has invested continuously in R&D, design and technology to produce our innovative and cutting-edge mobile devices.”

If Samsung does win the Australian case (highly doubt though), it does mean it has some precedence to help them in the other cases overseas. However, it has had some setbacks in Europe with both cases – in Germany and the Netherlands – have ruled in favour for Apple, and have put injunctions on its devices (and for the Netherlands, the entire EU)

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