Samsung Australia launches new Multiroom Audio speakers

Samsung Australia launches new Multiroom Audio speakers

samsung m7-1

Last night, Samsung Australia officially launched the new Multiroom Audio speakers at an event in Sydney featuring Australian DJ duo, Flight Facilities. The new range of speakers include the M5 and M7 (pictured above) triangular speaker, a Soundbar and a Home Theatre System. When multiple speakers are paired with the M2 hub (RRP $79), you can group speakers together and play your music in perfect sync.

“Home audio has come a long way. It is no longer about simply listening to music from a single room, as Samsung believes that people are seeking a solution that is versatile enough to provide a great sound experience around the home and that can integrate with multiple sources whether it be a compatible smartphone or selected online streaming service,”* said Brad Wright, Director – Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia in a press release.

The M5 and M7 speakers feature a brand new triangular design allowing the speakers to easily fit into corners or placed flat on a shelf. The M5 and M7 speakers are equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology to allow easy pairing with compatible smartphones. The speakers are powered by a foam core woofer for bass reproduction and CNT pulp cone mid-range speakers and silk dome tweeters (M7 only) for mid and high range tones. They come both in White and Black and support the usual file formats of AAC, MP3, OGG and FLAC.

The new Series 7 Soundbar provides 320W of sound thanks to it’s Vacuum Tube pre-amplifier and latest Samsung digital audio technology. The Soundbar provides 4.1 channel surround sound and includes an 8-inch wireless subwoofer. The Series 7 Soundbar also includes Bluetooth Power On meaning previously paired devices can turn the Soundbar on without needing to physically do so.

The Series 7 Home Theatre System is aimed for an all-in-one solution which provides 1330W of sound. The System is also powered by a Vacuum Tube pre-amplifier. Samsung have partnered with DTS Inc to be the first to include the new DTS: Fusion II codec which creates a virtual 9.1 channel output by interpolating source material. The system comes with six speakers: two tallboys, two rear satellites, one centre speaker and one subwoofer.

All products are available to purchase now from good retailers. The M5 speaker is available for $339, the M7 speaker is $449, the Soundbar is $899 and the Home Theatre System is $1,099. You can view pictures of the products below or checkout our Flickr page which contains some photos of the event.

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