Saints Row IV's Refused Classification rating to be reviewed next week

Saints Row IV's Refused Classification rating to be reviewed next week


Saints Row IV will have its refused classification reviewed by the Australian Classification Review Board on July 29; and if developers Deep Silver Volition are successful, the board could overturn the original classification and give it an R18+ rating instead.

The Review Board announced that it will review the game today and will be seeking interested parties to assist it when conducting the review. It also stresses that, understanding the backlash of the refused classification rating, the parties or individuals should focus their arguments on the game and not the law itself.

The Australian Classification Board gave Saints Row IV a refused classification rating on June 19, basing the decision on an “alien anal probe” that the board felt that it was implied sexual violence “that is interactive and not justified by context”, and illicit drug use.

Volition had previously confirmed that they will modify the game to meet Australian classification laws after it was given an RC rating. It was also the version that was used in the playable demos of the game at this year’s PAX Australia.

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