Saints Row IV given refused classification in decision review

Saints Row IV given refused classification in decision review


The uncut version of Saints Row IV will still have its Refused Classification rating after the Classification Review Board unanimously decided to uphold the controversial Classification Board’s decision.

According to the Review Board, the three-member panel decided to give it a refused classification was due to drugs being used to incentivise and reward players, which is not allowed in the R18+ classification. The review board did not mention the anal probe gun which was also used as why the Classification Board gave it a RC rating, but we will see what judgements the Review Board made once the full decision is uploaded to the site.

The edited “Australian Version” of Saints Row IV is under review with the Classification Board. This is the version that was playable at PAX Australia, as the original version – due to the refused classification rating – could not be played or exhibited.

Source: Classification Board

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