Saints Row IV gets a MA15+ rating - so, what was removed?

Saints Row IV gets a MA15+ rating - so, what was removed?


A few hours ago, the distributors of Saints Row IV – All Interactive Entertainment – announced that the “Australian Edition” of the game was classified MA15+, meaning that it can now be sold in Australia. So, what did they remove?

Basically, they removed the optional mission in contention that brought it straight to ‘refused classification’ territory. As Kotaku Australia notes, the mission was around a character called Shaundi and involved alien narcotics.

They also removed the so-called ‘alien anal probe gun’ – or “Rectifier Probe” – despite the Review Board did not factor it in its decision to reclassify the original version under RC. The move is likely to ensure that the Classification Board don’t have another way to ban the game from sale and cause headaches to fans, the distributors and the developers.

However, don’t fret. According to All Interactive Entertainment, the item will make its appearance in Australia via a DLC. “If you’re looking to use the Rectifier Probe to assault your enemies you’ll have to wait for the Season Pass DLC later this year,” the distributor wrote on Facebook.

Wait, why the MA15+ rating? I’m not entirely sure. In Australia, all of the games in the series were rated MA15+ with no fuss. However, that could be because of the looser restrictions before the R18+ rating came about. The game was expected to get the R18+ rating given other countries have put it in their equivalent adults-only rating.

But oh well, all you really care is that the game is finally coming.

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