S Korea attackers extracted file lists from affected computers

Attackers who coordinated the cyber attacks last week in the United States and South Korea are said to have extracted lists of files from computers that were used in the attack, according to police in Seoul, the capital, on Tuesday.

The new findings not only show that the affected computers were not only used for attacks, but were used to steal data from unaware victims – adding to fears that computers were ordered to destroy the hard drive, or make them inoperable. According to the police, file lists were sent to 416 computers in 59 countries, with 15 of them located inside the country (South Korea).

Identity of the hackers have not been found, nor where they operated from. The attacks were targeted on several United States and South Korean websites, including media sites and government sites.

No new web attacks have since been reported since last Thursday, but it was reported that the National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s spy agency, suspected that North Korea conducted the attacks, though no conclusive evidence supports the claim.

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