RYSE - the game that could get an RC in Australia [TRAILER]

RYSE - the game that could get an RC in Australia [TRAILER]

Crytek, the makers of Crysis, is teaming up with Microsoft to create a new game titled RYSE. The game is set, according to its trailer, in ancient Rome and during a civil war, and is one of a few games in this year’s batch from E3 to use the Kinect.

However, the game’s trailer does show some player footage, and it appears that this game will be a very gruesome game. Though, you may ask that several other games with similar levels have made it pass the powers that be (Classification Board). Yes, that may be true – but this one uses the Kinect, you know the one where your body becomes the controller.

The Classification Board has not seen it yet. However, this is further evidence that we really do need a R18+ game rating. The storyline appears to be good, and come on – I mean, if you happen to be a smart parent, you wouldn’t buy this game (nor should you). It’s the same thing with the filter – it’s your decision to implement it, not the government.

You can see the trailer below. Oh, and if the Australian Christian Lobby happens to see this, go f**k off.

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