Rumour Mill: Xbox 360 successor to be revealed at E3 2012?

Rumour Mill: Xbox 360 successor to be revealed at E3 2012?

Microsoft could release information of a new next-generation Xbox console at next year’s E3 show, with one game developer – Crytek – is already developing a new game for the successor to the Xbox 360, according to reports.

According to, the next generation console could be based on DirectX 11 as Crytek is using it as a basis for developing a new version of TimeSplitters – which has been in “development hell” since 2009.

According to a high-ranking industry official at Crytek, a version of TimeSplitters 4 is being demoed internally in the company.

Also, there has been rumours that an Electronic Arts studio has gotten a unit of a new Xbox console, and was sent and stored inside a PC shell in order to create some new games for a supposed new console. While EA denies the story, Microsoft has not comment on it.

Job postings also have revealed that Microsoft is looking for people to build its next-generation team. However, it can be assumed that the console is in very early development – but still in development nevertheless.

So what can we expect in the new console? What do you want in a new console? Comment below.

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