Rumour Mill: Twitter wants to buy Tweetdeck

Rumour Mill: Twitter wants to buy Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck, previously thought to have been acquired by Ubermedia – another developer of Twitter clients, is now in “advanced talks” with Twitter with an acquisition said to be around $50 million, according to a brand new report.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the move is to add more tools to power users of Twitter. However, it could also be interpreted to have a “Twitter for Windows” and “Twitter for Linux” application, due to Tweetdeck’s cross-platform support thanks to Adobe AIR.

It has already gotten a Twitter application for both iOS and Mac due to a previous acquisition of Tweetie, while also having an official application for BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 7 and Android.

While Tweetdeck refused to comment on the story, according to the article, Twitter has since come out with a comment on the story:

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Twitter’s buyout of a large client (it is the most popular Twitter client) does also mean that Twitter is now closing off an area which has helped propel Twitter usage, especially with us. Twitter recently told developers that they should not build any more clients, hinting at Twitter’s move to the market – which remains very controversial amongst developers.

Tweetdeck has made some improvements in order to differentiate itself from the web browser and its other rivals, such as allowing users to tweet longer with However, the full tweet will be seen on Tweetdeck users, others will have to click a link to see the full link. It also a way to see videos and images within the app without opening a browser, such as YouTube and Yfrog.

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