Rumour Mill: No iPad 3 this year because of the screen?

Rumour Mill: No iPad 3 this year because of the screen?

Will it, or won’t it? That’s the biggest question on a supposed iPad 3 launch – you know, the successor of the less-than-a-year-old iPad 2. Now, the rumour mill is spouting out that the iPad 3 won’t come out this year after all, mainly because of the screen.

According to Digitimes, the iPad 3’s screen is the primary reason why it has been delayed. Turns out, Apple wants a screen that has a higher resolution, but the current crop of screens that Apple wants are not satisfactory. Also, it points to the cost, as the screens are “mainly supplied” by Sharp Electronics “with a high price”.

The Cupertino-based company was meant to ship out 1.5-2 million units in the third quarter and another 5-6 million in the fourth quarter.

However, who thinks that Apple will ever release an iPad 3 while the iPad 2 is less than one year old. Introducing another version would simply be out of pattern for a company that seems to be obsessed with following patterns.

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