RUMOUR MILL: MacBook Air to get redesign, iPhone to get 4-inch display?

RUMOUR MILL: MacBook Air to get redesign, iPhone to get 4-inch display?

Is the MacBook Air going to get an upgrade soon?

Here’s a double whammy of Apple rumours to drool over. A report is claiming that the MacBook Air could have another redesign in the first-half of the year to compete with the new “ultrabooks”; while another is claiming that the iPhone could have a larger, 4-inch screen.

A MacBook Air ultrabook?

DigiTimes is reporting, from unnamed sources, that the MacBook Air will see an upgrade in the first quarter of 2012. It will also add a 15-inch model – which would be great for those looking for a lightweight, but not too small notebook. Also, expect to see price cuts on the existing MacBook Air on sale currently, according to the report. That is apparently a sign that Apple is planning to launch the new-look MacBook Air.

However, DigiTimes notes: “ultrabooks with Windows and document processing software will still be more attractive for the enterprise market.”

Though, like I said before from DigiTimes, don’t get your hopes up just yet. They have a somewhat bad track record when it comes to Apple rumours.

Next iPhone to get a screen upgrade?

Japanese blog Macotakara is reporting that the next version of the iPhone could have a 4-inch display. Citing an “Asian source”, both Sony and Hitachi have started to ship new LCD displays for a “new iOS device” – which could only mean two things: the iPod touch or the iPhone. I place my bets that it is the latter, since it always gets the upgrade first, then the iPod touch that are slightly reduced (like the camera, for example).

While the upgrade will most likely put the phone on-par with its Android rivals, who have been increasing the screen-size to borderline tablet-sized screens, it does mean that it lose something. As pointed out by Dustin Curtis in October, the 3.5-inch display allows the user to touch the screen with just a thumb.

The big important question is when will this device be launched? 9to5Mac is claiming that it will be in winter (our time) next year – though that would make the iPhone 4S less than a year old before being succeeded by a new-generation iPhone.

Like I said, take it with a grain of salt.

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