Rumour Mill: iPhone 5 to features smaller than 4-inch display?

Rumour Mill: iPhone 5 to features smaller than 4-inch display?

More rumours are coming from the mill about the iPhone 5. The latest one: that the new device may feature a display that could be less than 4-inch display and a redesigned chassis.

According to DigiTimes, the site claims that the body of the iPhone 5 will become metal rather than reinforced glass, and would adopt a 3.5-inch to 3.7-inch display. The body has been designed with a bezel to make it appear thinner and screen bigger.

I’m assuming Apple has screen envy.

The site said:

The sources pointed out that the upcoming iPhone will not have many differences compared to iPhone 4 in terms of components and the panel will still be less than 4-inch.

The sources added that the iPhone 5 will adopt a 3.5- to 3.7-inch panel with a design to allow the bezel of the panel to become thinner and make the screen look larger.

This contradicts rumours that the screen could be 4 to 4.2-inches. The same rumour also points to an 8-megapixel camera with full HD video recording and will feature the A5 dual-core processor.

It appears that an iPhone 5 will likely come out now. Optus and Vodafone have now reduced the price of the iPhone 3GS – now available on a $29 cap without any payment upfront. So, this price cut would seemly suggest that Apple will be axing it soon.

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