RUMOUR MILL: iPhone 5 to be released in winter 2012? (TL;DR edition)

RUMOUR MILL: iPhone 5 to be released in winter 2012? (TL;DR edition)

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Remember the rumours that pointed out an iPhone 5 coming out in October? Remember when they were wrong? Well, another rumour has emerged saying that we could expect an iPhone 5 in our hands next year.

The rumour monger, 9to5Mac has a somewhat lengthy article on the matter, so we’ve decided to do a TL;DR version for those who couldn’t be f**ked reading the actual article:

Delays screwed up launch of iPhone 5 and its supposed to launch in summer 2012.

The iPhone 4S was meant to be released at WWDC with iOS5, but plans were derailed when coding for iOS5 and integrating Siri was slower than planned. Then plans shifted, according to site:

A decision was made to attempt to speed up iPhone 5 hardware development and try to get it built by the Holidays when iOS 5 would be launched. At the same time, the iPhone 4S was to be developed as either the flagship phone for 2011 or, if Apple could pull off the iPhone 5, the low cost alternative.

A CNET report confirms an iPhone 5 is in the works, with Steve Jobs devoting his time on the project. However, suppliers were not able to build enough iPhone 5s for a holiday release this year due to manufacturing delays, and so now they are holding them till summer (Australia winter) next year.

Or so the rumours say. Because tacked at the end, “as we know, things can change.” More likely to cover their tracks.

A bit cynical, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. Especially after the last time when iPhone 5 rumours kept flying everywhere.

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