Rumour Mill: iPad 3 to not get Retina Screen, not released this year

Rumour Mill: iPad 3 to not get Retina Screen, not released this year

James Wilson holds iPad 2 at the Sydney Launch on March 30. (Image: Stewart Wilson/

Despite the release of the iPad 2 just last month, the rumour mill is now in full swing with the latest iPad 3 rumours. Now, the latest of which is now that the iPad 3 will not have the Retina Display and will not be released this year.

According to DigiTimes, it cities that component supplies saying that an iPad 3 launch in the third quarter of 2011 is just “wishful thinking and misreporting”. That is stating the obvious that an iPad 3 will not come out this year, because: it goes against Apple’s launch schedule; and, developing a tablet just to be used for one quarter? Really? Do you think Apple is that stupid?

While Digitimes is supporting the claim that Apple wants to change the display, it is leaning more in favour for AMOLED rather than an LCD screen with 300 pixels per inch. However, it notes one problem – Samsung. The South Korean-based maker has a tight control over AMOLED screens, and both happen to be rivals. It also appears that it might upgrade its “different communication format”, and could mean that the new version could support 4G – which many of its upcoming rivals do.

However, all this is speculation (though, knowing full well, this will be recycled in a few months).

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