RUMOUR MILL: iPad 3 to have LTE, HD screen?

RUMOUR MILL: iPad 3 to have LTE, HD screen?

Image: Pedro Eugenio Antunes/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Rumours are heating up again just after CES, with a new iPad set to go on sale in March, touting specs that sport a HD screen and will run on LTE. These come, as usual, from “people familiar with the product”.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has ramped up production of the tablet this month, and full volume is expected to reach February – meaning that they would have enough to start a launch in the US (and possibly selected territories).

LTE was being introduced to the iPad first because of its “bigger battery and can better support the power requirements” of LTE. Also, the display is said to have “more pixels… than some high-definition screens”. It doesn’t specifically mention a retina display, but you can only hope.

In addition, the report claims that it will feature a brand new processor that will be a quad-core chip. That would definitely push it ahead of its competitors – many still run dual-core (a small number run quad-core)

A source is also quoted in saying that Apple’s event on education next week will not make any new hardware announcements, and will specifically focus on electronic textbooks.

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