RUMOUR MILL: Apple to redesign all product lines in 2012, iPad 3 launch in Q3?

RUMOUR MILL: Apple to redesign all product lines in 2012, iPad 3 launch in Q3?

Two separate reports from Taiwanese publication Digitimes is reporting that Apple could be overhauling all of its product lines in 2012 – including the iPhone, iMac, iPad and MacBook Air lines. These are coming from, as usual, ‘anonymous sources within’.

One report claims that the iPad 3 is set to launch in March, with all the internal suppliers and components secured by December. However, things get a bit confusing from there. The real iPad 3 is most likely going to be released in the third-quarter of 2012, with the one coming in March set to be an “upgraded iPad 2”.

According to Digitimes’ anonymous source, the “upgraded iPad 2” would offer a longer battery life and a thinner body.

Another report, again quoting anonymous sources, has revealed that the company has asked its suppliers to produce screens for two prototypes called J1 and J2 with different LED and flat panel requirements. These could add fuel for a high-resolution iPad 3, with difficulties cited as why they have prevented the company to do so.

Apple Insider adds that it also falls in line with a report that its suppliers are producing a 1600×1200 resolution display if they could not get the 2046×1536 resolution screen working.

The same source is also noted that the next versions of the iPhone and iMac are to be revealed in “the second half of 2012”.

Some interesting rumour mill content, but these are coming from Digitimes. The publication has a somewhat bad track record in recent years in getting rumours right. So, like we always do for rumours, take this with a bit (or in this case, since it comes from them, a lot) of scepticism about this actually occurring.

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