Rumour Mill: Apple planning September 7 iPod event?

Rumour Mill: Apple planning September 7 iPod event?

Apple Logo GenericThought the iPod was dead? Well, it’s about to get some new life with reports of Apple set to hold an iPod-specific announcement sometime in September 8 (Melbourne and Tokyo time), despite the company’s recent break in announcement traditions.

The news comes from a Japanese website Kodawarisan, who claim that there will be a refresh to the product line.

Apple traditionally has slotted a iPod related press event for the past few years around September, and it’s not unusual to hear rumours of it now.

However, what is interesting is that we have news that Apple could be announcing or selling the iPhone 5 in September or October, and this could be a way to show the newest edition of the smartphone. Which would totally piss off a lot of Verizon folks who jumped ship and signed new contracts keeping them locked in with their CDMA iPhone 4.

What’s also interesting is that the iPod refresh hasn’t been leaked out. That’s got to mean something – that Apple really is using the iPhone 5 as a distraction, or it has nothing to release this year. If it is the latter option, then does this mean that the iPod is now no longer seen as core?

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