Rumour: Call of Duty 9: Project Iron Wolf

Rumour: Call of Duty 9: Project Iron Wolf

New images have been leaked by a member of the Se7ensins forums, revealing the next Call of Duty game, named Project Iron Wolf. Modern Warefare 3 hasn’t even been released, nor has there been any new updates on the game, and Treyarch are already developing another CoD game.

It was reported that a pair of hackers had accessed an Xbox account, braindx0, which happened to be the gamertag of one of the employees from Treyarch. Through their friends list, the hackers noticed that a new title ‘Iron Wolf’ was being played by a couple of their friends.

The game may be an early build of Modern Warefare 3, of could be a new game title from Treyarch. It is most likely to be another Call of Duty title, as Treyarch’s Studio boss, Mark Lamia told CVG last year that “Treyarch is a 100 percent Call of Duty studio”. Also, the hackers also saw that the map that was being played on shared the same name from a map in Black Ops.

No information on the game has been shared, but there are rumours that the next installment may be based in Vietnam.

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