Rumour: AT&T and Verizon to carry Apple Tablet

Rumour: AT&T and Verizon to carry Apple Tablet

Will it be Verizon or will it be AT&T? Both companies compete in the mobile sector in the United States and are fiercely competitive – with AT&T having the iPhone and Verizon having the Droid. As both look to compete in securing the rights to sell the Apple Tablet on their networks, who would be the victor?

Turns out, it would be both – according to Fox News – as Apple is rumoured to make two versions of the tablet: one for the Verizon’s CDMA network and another for AT&T’s GSM network.

While AT&T looks like a sure bet, especially when they do have a relationship with Apple in terms with the iPhone (and has a contract with them); Verizon has been the long rumoured potential second carrier to have the rights to sell the iPhone in the US.

Either way, we’re looking at the January 27/28 (Australia) event that is rumoured to announce the device.

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