Round - An Australian start-up set to change online payments

Round - An Australian start-up set to change online payments

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For those in online business, accepting Credit Cards can be be a costly and long process. With all the paperwork, checks and hoops you need to go through, it almost seems not worth it. However, an Australian start-up is determined to change that. Round will offer a very similar service to Stripe, a US payment processor.

Round provides the gateway and API for you to accept payments through your online application without the need to establish business bank accounts or merchant gateways with your bank. These services usually change a small fee (for example, Stripe charges 30c plus 2.9%) per transaction – making it a cheap solution for online businesses.

“The idea of round was born out of the frustrations developers face working with gateway interfaces and merchant accounts. We want to create a super simple way of accepting payments online and in applications that would do away with all this complication.” said Jacob Talbot, Founder of Round. “We’re hoping to offer little to no monthly fee and a low per-transaction costs that will make the service attractive to many types of users.”

Australia currently doesn’t have a wide selection of these types of payment processors. Online Australian Businesses are currently forced to spend up to thousands of dollars just to accept credit cards online from the major banks. Should Round execute their plan successfully, this should shake up the online payment processing industry in Australia and offer a cheap solution.

Round is currently in the development stage and is looking for interest. If you think is is something that interests you, you can register your interest at their website:

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