RIM opens up - now will manage corporate iPhone, Android phones

RIM opens up - now will manage corporate iPhone, Android phones

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has finally released its new Mobile Fusion software – which will allow corporate environments to manage not only their BlackBerry and PlayBook tablets, but also any iPhone or Android device.

Wait, what does Mobile Fusion do? Essentially, it manages connectivity on your phone, and makes sure your phone adheres to security policies.

It’s free – but each device costs $99 per device, or $4 a month, and will require additional software for Android and iOS

Is this a sign that it could potentially other services coming to these devices? Possibly – mainly because RIM is still looking to find some relevance in a corporate world.

Let us not forget that employees are consumers as well, and are attracted to consumer trends in phones. Hence the ever increasing use of the iPhone and Android devices in a corporate environment. BlackBerry’s role is still strong in the corporate environment as its security is unrivaled and is deemed a more business-orientated phone. However, their phones – while able to have all these security features – aren’t that attractive to the slim, precision-designed bodies of its rivals.

And it is quite possibly, like Exchange, its push email service will be supported on iOS and Android soon.

via AllThingsD, Bits/NYT

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