Review : Wordpress iPhone App

The WordPress App for the iPhone and the iPod touch is a brilliant application; however, it might not be a good way to blog if you are a serious blogger – like me. This application works for both and your self-installation on your server, but you will need WordPress 2.5.1 or higher to make this work.

Like WordPress, this is a community driven app, where you can contribute. And just like any app, there are some flaws, like several plugins won’t work with this – or a host like GoDaddy could break it. Also, if your site has invalid UTF-8 encoding, that can also make this app useless, unless you have multiple blogs with WordPress.

The good thing is that you can write, edit and delete posts from your iPhone or iPod touch. Also, you can upload photos from your iPhone, and iPod as well. If you have the iPod touch, you will need a Wi-Fi connection to sync it with your blog, but your iPhone would use the 3G or EDGE connection.

You will not be able to edit any settings, approve comments or add new links to your blogroll on your blog from the application, or edit your user information. While the fact that you can’t change your user information is good (for security purposes), the fact that you can’t approve comments or add new links is a feature I would like to see.

Like I said before, this is not good for a blogger who writes long reviews – but good for breaking news, if you have a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, or your 3G/EDGE connection. But, it is great as well for people to start a post on WordPress on your iPod, go to a nearby hotspot and upload it as a draft on your blog, then go home and finish it with a normal keyboard (which is what I’m doing right now).

But while I have a little grievence over it, it is a very good application. I highly recommend this application for those who use WordPress.

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