Review : Ping.FM - an easier way to post messages on Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Review : Ping.FM - an easier way to post messages on Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, etc.


If you are like me – an addict of social networking sites – then this site is a must-look.

Ping.FM will allow you to post the same message on your friends over at Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, and many other services. While it does not say anything to cure that crippling addiction to social networking – well for me at least – it is a very good Web 2.0 service.

You might want to read the review, because at the end of the review, we will give you the invite code to sign up and start using this excellent service.

Ping.FM does what it does, pinging messages to many different services. We’ve tested it with Plurk, Twitter and Pownce, and they all have the same message – but Twitter is more likely to receive the message much faster than the others. The interface is not distracting, nor does it visually impair the site.

Like I said, this can ping messages to the social networking services – and the list is expanding. At the time of writing, they have 21 services available for you, with a choice to add your own domain. And not only does it have a lot of services that it can ping to, it has many ways for you to send that message that you want to ping – with e-mail messages, instant messaging bots, a Facebook application, a iGoogle Gadget and via the web from either your browser, iPhone or mobile device.

To me, this service is just getting better; and it looks like people are happy. It has a strong community, and is more likely to succeed then drop flat-out into the ditch. It’s just a couple of months old, but it feels like the site has been around for years. It is useful for me because sometimes, I want to make a public notice to everyone; but I need a way to do it – and this can do it for me.

And now for the crucial bit – your invite code. The invite code is vivalaping. Now just head over to the sign up page and put that to gain access. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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