Review: OXX Digital Pocket

Review: OXX Digital Pocket

The OXX Digital Pocket, however, is unlike most digital radios – it’s slim and small. However, does size make all the difference in performance, quality and even picking up the signals? Does it deserve to be in that Christmas stocking? As well, is it worth getting digital radio, despite it still being a niche?

Our review of the OXX Digital Pocket is after the jump.

  • Score:

    9.5 / 10

  • The Good:

    Included earphones, removable batteries, portability of radio

  • The Bad:

    Limited EQ presets, no internet radio

  • Bottom Line:

    An excellent digital radio for under $150

The OXX Digital Pocket is one of a few true pocket digital radios, with its minimal size – but with such a brand name attached to it, does it deliver? I can assure you, it does deliver – it is a wonderful pocket digital radio, and the best one out there for its pricetag of $139.95.

And trust me, it is really “pocket-sized” with a height of 7cm – no kidding. It features a monochrome LED screen that indicates the signal, volume, power and on screen information clearly, while also has a simplistic button layout that gets straight to the point with modes, presets and a four-directional pad that changes volume and channels. The screen, while small because of the size, is able to clearly articulate the information – however, the station names often have to be truncated, so we ended up getting weird names not understanding what the station is until we actually heard it on the radio.

Despite the pocket size, it has a really good antenna and was able to pick up all the stations in Melbourne. As well, audio quality was excellent. However, I should note that experience of audio quality will differ on many factors, such as the weather and where you are located because the audio quality of digital radio broadcasts is similar to FM and AM radio broadcast, radio waves can be distorted.

You are also limited to DAB+ broadcasts and FM radio. We didn’t expect internet radio, because of the small size. The device also features FM radio, and relies on the headphones to act as the antenna – though our testing shows that it still can pick up reception with different cabling. It just happens to be a trial and error procedure.

Included in this package are some a-JAYS One in-earphones, and they are certainly the best included headphones. They deliver the supreme clear sound of digital radio to your ears, and because their cabling is flat, you don’t get stuck with that tangle of knots you have to untangle to get to your device. Of course, you don’t have to use the headphones, you can simply hook this up to your speakers and play digital radio on them instead.

Of course, there are several preset EQs. However, you are not able to change them, and while it is a shame, they have a versatile range of EQs (though limited) that suits almost all the stations on digital radio at the moment. Another downside is that this player does not allow you to rewind or pause digital radio broadcasts, so if you missed something when using it, rely on the internet to catch up. However, if you are listening it for the music rather than the talkback, you really do not need that feature.

Because of its small size, it does not offer an internal battery (which is for the better) and is simply powered by 2 AAA batteries. And battery life is truly impressive – eight hours of play. Of course, its not expected for you to put this on constant play, it is meant for those who take the train or walk to work and simply want to listen to the radio – and digital radio, of course, presents itself with clear sound (especially if you are a regular AM listener). It is, however, advisable that you choose rechargable AAA batteries.

Despite the fact that, unlike its television counterpart, digital radio isn’t going to take over from the traditional radio broadcasts. However, the Pocket is making it more attractable to get a digital radio (despite its compact size), and does it right in style. If you are looking for a digital radio under $150, this will satisfy all your needs.

This review has been updated to reflect new information.

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