Review: Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

Review: Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

The Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 is a small compact speaker system powered by USB that attaches to your laptops screen. It has it’s own inbuilt sound card which allows you to simply plug the speakers into your computer.

The speakers are surround sound capable, so they are also great for watching movies. Check out the full review after the break.

  • Score:

    9.0 / 10

  • The Good:

    Sound fantastic, solid design, easy to carry around.

  • The Bad:

    No volume indication

  • Bottom Line:

    Fantastic speakers for anything!

The Z305’s are small and compact in size and can fit almost anywhere you put them. Designed to clip on the top of your laptop’s screen, the Z305’s are a breeze to use. Simply plug in the USB cable and start playing your audio. The speakers have 2-inch drivers and weigh just over half a kilo. They work with any computer with a USB port and have plug and play support with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.


The speakers are 12.75 inches x 1.65 inches x 1.58 inches in size and have a clip on them, so they hang off your laptop’s screen (as displayed to the right).

The two speakers are at the end of the actual device which produce a great sound. There are three buttons on the device, Volume Up, Power and Volume Down. It’s pretty self explanatory on what they do. I was disappointed that there wasn’t an indication of the volume level. However, I think this might be a limitation with the drivers as the speakers simply control the computer’s volume and not it’s own volume system which I think works well.


These speakers sound absolutely fantastic. I was blown away the first time I heard them and I think Logitech have done a really good job with these speakers. They don’t sound tinny like laptop speakers but they sound like some more expensive speakers which require external power etc. They have a mode for surround sound which fills the room entirely allowing you to work surround sound movies. When turned up to 100% volume playing a number of different types of genres, the speakers showed little to no distortion. However, keeping them at about 80% volume would fill quite a large room.


If your tired of your tinny, under powered, crappy built-in laptop speakers, then go for these. They are simply fantastic for anything you need to do and I bet you could even use them at a party. Such a great product from Logitech.

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