Review : Logitech Harmony 700 Remote

Review : Logitech Harmony 700 Remote

One of annoying things about Home Theater system’s these days are the amount of remotes you need to make everything work. For example, you need to turn on your TV, amplifier, set top box and DVD player and usually in some sort of sequence. Then, you need to make sure everything is set to the right input / output. You end up needing to spend 5 minutes to set everything up just right. Well, with the Harmony 700 Remote, it does it for you! Simply push a button and your set. It replaces up to 6 remotes and comes with rechargeable batteries.

It has a built in colour screen and 3 built in activities. It’s well built and firm to hold. Bundled with the Logitech Harmony software available on Mac and PC, setting up the remote is easy and quick.

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  • Score:

    9.0 / 10

  • The Good:

    Well built, firm, easy to use, easy to setup.

  • The Bad:

    Only supports up to 6 devices.

  • Bottom Line:

    A great remote for managing multiple devices.

The Harmony Remote is quick and easy to setup. After installing the software and creating account, it’s as easy as typing in your devices model number and the software does the work. All you need to do then is choose the way it turns on the devices and your set! If your device isn’t supported by the remote, you can get the old remote and then the Harmony “learns” from the other remote. It takes around 20 minutes to do a whole remote but once it’s done, it’s done.

The screen is extremely useful, it shows the current activities and any options associated with it, you can even set the logo’s of TV channels. Making it easy to change channel. It also shows additional activities or individual device controls.

The remote is powered by two AA batteries which are provided. They are rechargeable and can be charged by the Micro-USB cable included either by your computer or the included power pack. I had this remote for a month and I didn’t have to recharge the batteries once.

Once it’s setup, it simply.. works. Just point and choose your activity. When it’s not being used, it turns it self off and turns back on when you pick it up. If there is trouble with an activity and something doesn’t work, you can troubleshoot why it’s not working, right on the remote’s screen.

All in all, this was a great remote to use. I was extremely impressed by its functions and the ease of use / setup.

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