Review: JAYS t-JAYS Three Earphones

Review: JAYS t-JAYS Three Earphones

Swedish earphone maker JAYS are here in Australia and they want to take your music listening experience to a whole new level. And we have the t-JAYS Three earphones on our desk to review. However, does these prove to be “Dynamic High-Fidelity Earphones” or will it fall flat on its face? And does the cost justify your purchase?

Our review of the JAYS t-JAYS Three Earphones is after the jump.

  • Score:

    9.5 / 10

  • The Good:

    Audio quality is excellent; outside noise reduction; comfortable

  • The Bad:

    Packaging is hard to open; cable tangles easily in pocket

  • Bottom Line:

    Brilliant sounding earphones worth every cent spent. A must have.

The name of the product may confuse you, as the product series name happens to be in the front of the actual brand name (and that is why we put in “JAYS” twice), but the name isn’t the actual focus of the review, but the earphones. And boy, they do work and are the most excellent sounding earphones that I have ever encountered – and this is from a person who loves his music.

For those who are audiophiles, it has a claimed frequency range of 18-20,000Hz with its 10mm Dynamic Speakers. The sound quality is excellent and could even rival the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones – which I had a chance to experience when I was awaiting a flight back from Rome to Melbourne – as one of the best sounding earphones. The earbuds have an unique design which allows it to comfortably fit in your ear, with plastic wedges instead of the usual buds.

The speakers produce really clear and really loud sounds, despite its small speakers – thanks in part with it able to block out outside noises and concentrate your ears to the sounds for your iPod. It isn’t going block out all background noise – but at least it does block out most background noises, such as conversations with your friends.

But what the earphones come in is like a toolbox – and I am not kidding. It comes with three earphone heads to suit the different sizes of ear canals, an extension cable to add another 70cm, a travel case, stereo splitter and an airline adapter – so you can actually bring this on a plane with you. Of course, the others in the product line – the t-Jays One and Two – feature similar variations.

Some negatives has to be the case it comes in – it is very, very hard to open. Despite the case looking stunning, it is almost impossible to get open. Though, once you get through that hurdle, the pain is worth it since you will be getting excellent quality earphones. As well, we did also got to compare the a-JAYS earphones as part of our review of the OXX Digital Pocket, and this doesn’t feature the flat cabling – which could save us from untangling the wire – as this is more expensive than the a-Jays.

However, those complaints are very minor when you look at how excellent these headphones are. The t-JAYS Three will set you back $139.95, while the t-JAYS One and t-JAYS Two (which are basically the same, but some slight variations) cost $99.95 and $119.95 respectively. And trust me, they are worth every cent you spent if you love your audio.

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