Review: Jawbone Jambox

Review: Jawbone Jambox

Just think… a long long time ago kids where carrying huge boom boxes on their shoulders and pumping music – some not nearly as powerful as the Jawbone Jambox – a miniature, powerful and amazing wireless speaker which is capable of 10 hours of continuous play. Available in multiple colours, check out the review after the break.

  • Score:

    9.0 / 10

  • The Good:

    Small, clean design, fantastic battery life and jaw-dropping sound quality.

  • The Bad:

    Becomes distorted at higher sound settings, a bit on the pricey side.

  • Bottom Line:

    A small, compact and great sounding wireless Bluetooth speaker.


The Jambox is an extremely small and light speaker featuring two tweeters and one woofer. It is almost the size of an iPhone (just a little longer) and weighs less than an iPad. On top of the Jambox is three buttons, a circle button that acts as a normal bluetooth headset button, a minus button and a plus button for changing the volume. The circle button also, when held down will announce the current battery charge. On the side of the Jambox is a power button, Micro-USB connection and a 3.5mm stereo jack.


Features and Connectivity

Some of the features that the Jawbone Jambox boasts is a 85dB volume output, 60 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response, a 10 meter bluetooth range, built in microphone for speaker phone capability and a 10 hour continuous play. Included in the box is a carrying case, A/C wall charger, two Micro-USB cables and a stereo cable.

When you turn on the Jambox, the whole unit shakes during it’s start up tone. You are defiantly not expecting the amount of power the Jambox has considering it’s size and weight. Connecting the Jambox via Bluetooth is easy. It’s discoverable immediately and can be easily paired with your Mobile Phone or Computer. With an iPhone, we paired within 5 seconds and started playing music. You can also hook it up by the 3.5mm stereo jack which allows you to play music on devices that don’t have Bluetooth – both solutions, Bluetooth and the stereo jack produced great sound.

With the 10 hours of battery life, you can set the Jambox up in your living room, kitchen or even outside to enjoy your music played from your computer or your phone. If you worried about the battery life, the iPhone will display the current capacity of the battery in the top right hand corner. It will also notify you when running low.

Sound quality

When first turning on the Jambox, you are blown away with the sound quality it produces. In a standard size room (like a bedroom) you can easily fill the room with music at 50% volume. However, if your at a party or even in an office building, turning the Jambox up to 80% volume will blow you away with the sound quality. If that’s not enough, you can turn it up to 100%, however, the sound does become distorted and the battery drains a lot quicker. We tested with a range of music on the Jambox and it was nothing short of fantastic. If you have sound quality in mind and need something small, compact and cheap – the Jawbone Jambox is the one.


A great sounding speaker which continues to impress us every song. It has an extremely high quality build, great sounding speakers and portable design.



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