REVIEW: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino G150 Earphones

REVIEW: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino G150 Earphones

Partnering with Logic3, Ferrari is getting into the branded headphones game. Launching with two product lines inspired by its cars – with the G150 Earphones is part of the Cavallino line. But with a price tag of $229, are they any good? Most importantly, are they worth the price? Terence Huynh reviews.

  • Score:

    7.5 / 10

  • The Good:

    Sound quality is decent, earphones design

  • The Bad:

    Sometimes pinches when inside ear canal, pricing of earphones

  • Bottom Line:

    Decent earphones with a pretty expensive price tag.

Design and Comfort

Inspired by the Cavallino’s “careful craftsmanship, sumptuous leather and beautifully honed surfaces”, the design is pretty simple – but again, being earphones, there is little you can do to change the design. The earbuds’ body is made from aluminum, with a thin leather trim – and come in black or white. And being branded earphones, they do feature the Ferrari logo – on the earbuds.

The cables, like pretty much every premium brand of headphones, have woven fabric to protect the wires. Also, these cables can get easily tangled whilst in your pocket – despite being “anti-tangle”. They’re not a pain to untangle them, however.

Also attached on the cables is a one-button remote control, that will work with every smartphone device like iOS, Android and BlackBerry. It will still also work with standard MP3 players. For iOS users, there is a variation called the G150i that has the 3-button remote control, so you can control the volume on the device – something you cannot do with the G150.

In terms of comfort, the earphones are mostly comfortable. I say ‘mostly’ because the edge of the earbuds do sometimes pinch the skin inside the ear canal. Other people who tested the earphones, plus I have noticed it when we tested the earphones. It does subside if you are using it daily as you are used to it.

Sound Quality and Accessories

Sound quality is pretty good – the songs we listened to were clear and pretty good with the bass levels. Though, given that the asking price is $229, I was sort of expecting much better quality for that price tag. What they offer can be found for a lower price by different manufactures.

The G150 does come with its own carrying case – made from woven fabric. And inside pretty much features additional earbuds to suit any type of ear. Yeah, that’s just it. No adapters, no extra length cables – you get the earbuds and the earphones.


The design is simple and the sound quality is pretty good – but the price tag does put me, and will certainly put others off. As I have said, there are similar quality earphones that are cheaper than the G150. The only reason I can see why it is priced that way is because of the Ferrari brand, and as with other branded products, they tend to be priced higher than similar headphones.

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