Review: Fable III Traitor's Keep DLC

Review: Fable III Traitor's Keep DLC

New areas, new creatures and new achievements; what more can’t a person want in a DLC. Fable III Traitor’s Keep DLC explores the life after the main story of the game with beautiful cutscenes and descent voice acting. With the bugs and glitches in Fable III affecting the gameplay since the being, does this DLC make up for them?

Our opinion is just after the jump.

  • Score:

    7.6 / 10

  • The Good:

    New areas, new creatures, more achievements.

  • The Bad:

    Some bugs and glitches are still affecting the game. Some exclusive items require Fable Coin Golf

  • Bottom Line:

    A good DLC but only buy it if you enjoyed Fable III

New Features

The new DLC includes three new areas, four storyline quests, and new achievements totalling 250 gamerscores. The three new areas, Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and The Godwin Estate. The Ravenscar Keep is a large secret island located off the coast of Albion where the worst prisoners of Albion are held. Clockwork Island is the home of a great inventor that lead Albion into a industrial revolution. For those who played the previous Fable III DLC Understone Pack DLC the player will be reminded of the city of Understone. Lastly The Godwin Estate is a wealthy estate that belonged to an aristocrat and now home of exotic creatures.

The plot of the DLC is to recapture a criminal and associates that is plotting a revolution against you, the ruler of Albion. Ironic, isn’t it?


The main importance of a DLC is the playtime to cost ratio. The main story of the DLC will that take at least 2.5 hours. Aside from the main story the DLC includes additional collectibles, from audio books to missing robot parts. The collectibles will add an additional 1.5 to 2.0 hours of the gameplay. With the cost of the DLC being 560 Microsoft Points, it is not a bad buy.


The Traitor’s Keep DLC is a great addition to the game with including a storyline after the initial plot. With additional playtime and collectibles the DLC gives the player an excuse to play Fable III again. As well as the additional storyline the game includes a Clockwork Dog Potion which allows the player to change their dog’s breed into a robotic version. The DLC is available on Xbox Live Game Marketplace for 560 Microsoft and requires the Fable III game.

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