Review: Choiix Power Fort

Review: Choiix Power Fort

Don’t you hate it when you are just about to make that important call, or need to add something to your calendar and your phone’s battery dies? The Choiix Power Fort is a new range of a power backup battery packs from Choiix, made by Cooler Master which can save your device when it is about to run out of battery. They are also up to 3 time faster at recharging your USB powered device. Check out the review after the break!

  • Score:

    9.0 / 10

  • The Good:

    Fast charger, can fully charge a flat device, flashlight.

  • The Bad:

    Can be bulky and clumsy if using ‘on the road’, packaging very tight, only USB charging.

  • Bottom Line:

    Powerful, fast charger that is useful when you won’t be near power for a day or two.


The Choiix Power Fort is around the size and weight of your average mobile phone. The Power Fort has four LED lights that indicate the internal battery capacity. Next to the LED’s there is a power button which pressed once charges the connected device or twice turns on the flashlight at the rear of the top of the Power Fort.

This device is more aimed at the travelers among us who know that they won’t be near power for a day or two and need to keep their phone alive. This is because when you are charging your phone, PDA, etc. you have to use the cable provided with your phone to charge it from the host USB port on the Power Fort meaning that if you were to use it while on a day out in the city, it would be very bulky and annoying. It is meant to be slipped into a laptop bag while on a plane or train to charge your flat phone.

Since the Power Fort charges other devices through its USB port, you can only charge devices that are compatible with USB charging, counting out many 1-2 year old Nokia phones. The Power Fort charges though the mini-USB port on the back of the device.

The Power Fort comes in 4 models, two black and two white. In both colors there is a ‘Standard’ package which is comprised of a Power Fort, a fabric carry case, a mini-USB cable and a micro-USB cable. The ‘Advanced’ package is made of a Power Fort, two fabric carry bags, a mini-USB and a micro-USB cable, a car charger and a wall charger with four adapters for certain countries.

Hardware and Usage

The Power Fort has a 2700mAh battery inside which is able to provide a 1A / 5V output. This means that devices can be charged using the Power Fort up to 3 times as fast as conventional USB. The Power Fort also has many protection features built into it including over charging protection, over discharging protection, over current protection, over temperature protection and of course, short circuit protection, to make sure that your child doesn’t decide to connect a cable between the two ports of the Power Fort.

The Power Fort also has a safety pass through which means when you are charging a device using the Power Fort and you plug the Power Fort into a computer to charge, the Power Fort directs all the power it receives to the phone connected to the USB port, totally by-passing the internal battery preventing it from any damage.

When charging the Power Fort, the LED’s describe the capacity of the battery as follows:

  • 1 LED means less than 15%.
  • 2 LED’s mean between 15% and 45%.
  • 3 LED’s mean between 45% and 70%.
  • 4 LED’s mean between 70% and 95%.

When the Power Fort is charging connected devices, the LED’s describe the capacity as follows:

  • 1 LED means less than 25%.
  • 2 LED’s mean between 25% and 55%.
  • 3 LED’s mean between 55% and 85%.
  • 4 LED’s mean between 85% and 100%.

When charging the Power Fort, it will take around 3-4 hours to reach 100%. We tested the Power Fort by charging letting it charge a Motorola DEXT overnight. The Power Fort was able to charge the DEXT from 10% to 100% but as a result of leaving it overnight, the DEXT has drained all the power out of the Power Fort enabling it to be at 100% the next morning.

A speed test of charging the Motorola DEXT is as follows:

 Time DEXT Battery Power Fort LED’s
0 mins 54% 4 LED’s lit up
5 mins 60% 3 LED’s lit up
10 mins 66% 3 LED’s lit up
15 mins 72% 3 LED’s lit up
1 hour 100% 3 LED’s lit up



The Power Fort is a fast, powerful USB charger that is aimed at your traveler more than your city hang-around boy. If used carefully you will be able to charge your phone twice from around 30% to full. The Power Fort has many safety features ensuring that it will not ruin your favorite device but still being up to 3 times faster than conventional USB at charging that device.

This device is great for those who need power and portability while roaming through different countries and airports but not as much when on a day trip.

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