Revamping our categories - more relevant and updated to our changes has updated its category system to add many more categories to the list, including several dedicated to Apple, introducing relevant categories for our Gaming section and added a Phones category under Mobile. However, since we have too many categories to list under one block; we have limited all of our categories to different groups – to reflect the changing

The new “Main Categories” will be Apple, Developers, Gadgets, Gaming, Mobile, News, Reviews, and Tips, Tricks and Hacks; while still having a Site News section for all of our news. As you can tell, our Archive page is not used to handling this kind of information, so we will update it at a later date to reflect the changes.

All posts will be updated accordingly, but for now; only posts up from September will reflect the changes, as well as future posts.

But what happened to all the other categories? Well, all of the rest we have not mentioned have been moved as sub-categories under the News category.

But why change it? Well, has not had a category overhaul since, well, in June of 2007 – the very month we moved to our own server. This reflection of change brings us to become more modernised, and more accessible to allow gaming, development, mobile and gadget news on the blog, since we introduced these categories in July 2008.

The new changes also prepare for us to present a brand new theme change for Crystalline2, so you can have all the posts from all the categories, or “filter” the posts. Also with the change, we will expand on several things – but we can’t reveal those yet.

I hope you enjoy the new

Terence Huynh

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