Report: iPad cannibalising Apple's MacBook sales

Report: iPad cannibalising Apple's MacBook sales

Strong sales of the iPad could have a small impact to sales of its flagship Mac lineup, in particular its low-end MacBook line, according to one financial analyst citing supply chain sources.

Shaw Wu, from Kaufman Bros., told investors that checks with suppliers revealed that the iPad availability is better than expected, mainly due to the increased availability of screens that the iPad uses. However, the MacBook (not MacBook Pro) might see lower sales because of the iPad. Despite this, they expect the Mac line should have a strong quarter.

This comes after reports that the iPad has consumed at least 25 percent of the entire notebook market, and caused a steep decline in notebooks in recent months – breaking a trend of continuous growth. As well, with rivals emerging (finally), the iPad may look to strengthen its foothold with a second generation version with a 7-inch screen.

Reports of a 7-inch screen comes with several hints, especially with the spread of Apple’s own FaceTime and its push to be on every iOS device – which includes the iPad, the iPhone, the iPod touch and (now) the iPod nano. The most logical step would be the iPad, as the iPod nano would be too small.

Secondly, it could have HDR. And HDR requires a camera.

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