Report: iOS 7 could be delayed, will see massive overhaul

Report: iOS 7 could be delayed, will see massive overhaul


A new report has claimed that latest version of Apple iOS could be delayed as Jonathan Ive, in charge of iOS design at Cupertino, has embarked on a massive design overhaul to replace the previous skeuomorphic look that was promoted by the former software chief Scott Forstall (who was dumped from his role last year).

According to Bloomberg, engineers are also apparently racing to get this finished in order to show a preview of it in June for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The company is still hoping for a September release, but internal deadlines for testing are being pushed back compared to iOS 6, according to their internal sources. For instance, new features that are submitted for testing in February ran a month or more behind schedule. As well, people from the Mac team have been roped in to help with its development.

The new iOS is said to include drastic changes to the user interface. The UI changes will apply for all apps, and will move towards a flatter design that feels more unified and less cluttered. However, the big UI changes – including email, which hasn’t seen much change in UI between versions – may not be ready this year and could be released in future versions.

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