Report: Intel kills MeeGo "temporarily" due to lack of enthusiasm

Report: Intel kills MeeGo "temporarily" due to lack of enthusiasm

The Nokia N9 is the only smartphone in the village that is supporting MeeGo.

A report has emerged that Intel is planning to discontinue development for the MeeGo OS due to the “lack of enthusiasm” from its hardware vendors to use it, and could now be looking at Android and Windows Phone 7.

According to DigiTimes:

In response, Intel said it does not comment on industry speculation or rumor. The company did say it remains committed to MeeGo and will continue to work with the community to develop and help meet the needs of customers and end users with open source.

Intel and Nokia have been working on developing the OS since 2010 after merging their two separate projects, Maemo and Moblin. However, Nokia has officially ended any chance of more phones coming out with MeeGo as they recently decided to back Windows Phone 7.

Only one phone will use the OS: and that is the Nokia N9. had a play around with the phone, and I can tell you that the OS is a huge step up from Symbian and would be sad to see it go because it was useable and could compete with Windows Phone 7. However, if sales for the Nokia N9 are successful, it could see MeeGo saved from its approaching death.

The Nokia N9, however, isn’t being released in Europe or the United States – two big markets that Nokia are struggling in. Those regions have told their headquarters in Finland that they will be waiting for the Windows Phone 7 phone. As such, Nokia has decided to release this in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions – and we’re getting the phone in October.

Hopefully the carriers – Vodafone, Optus and Telstra – market the hell out of the phone. It definitely needs it.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks would be the number of apps. Features and looks aren’t enough in the OS world, it is now how many apps are there in your marketplace. We haven’t seen any developers that have confirmed support – though it does have Angry Birds, so at least you are safe.

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