REPORT: Facebook Timeline spreads to Pages this month

REPORT: Facebook Timeline spreads to Pages this month

Whether you like it or hate it, Facebook sees its future on Timeline. The new profile design is being rolled out to all users, and a new report has stated that Facebook plans to push the design onto brand pages.

Ad Age says that the company will roll it to brand pages, but it will not be a carbon copy to profiles. It will still have the same design; but tabs and apps will become boxes on the timeline, appearing sort of like how apps currently do on profiles under Timeline (e.g. Spotify). Other changes also include possibly expanding its presence beyond when they signed up on Facebook. Ad Age hints:

ne top consideration is that a brand’s Facebook presence no longer must date to when it joined the site but can be represented with content populating its Timeline from throughout its history. (Coca-Cola, for example, could hypothetically add an event for 1892, the year it was founded.)

It will initially be in beta with only a select number of partners, and will open it slowly to other brands as it expands.

The company is expected to announce the changes in a conference in New York at the end of the month.

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