Report: Assange wanted all cables released to public

Report: Assange wanted all cables released to public
Julian Assange

Image: gnuckx/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Julian Assange told last year to associates that he wanted to release all of the US diplomatic cables which they have releasing slowly, according to notes from that discussion seen by news agency Reuters.

The notes were reportedly made during a discussion between him and other activists in Wikileaks at Ellingham Hall, where he is residing while he is on bail while the courts examine allegations of sexual misconduct. The news agency says that they was a “heated discussion” about how to release the cables they had.

According to Reuters, one activist from Scandinavia said: “You do realize the idea of not putting ALL of these cables up is totally unacceptable to people around this table, don’t you?”. That triggered another shouting match.

Assange’s view according to the notes was that he was “insistent all cables must somehow be eventually released.”

The revelations follow news that Wikileaks has published the entire database of cables in a searchable format with many of the cables unredacted, prompting criticism on the group. The release of all the cables could be seen as a response to the leak of all the cables that have been posted on the web, after The Guardian disclosed the password (it should be noted that the Guardian denies the allegations, saying that it was a ‘temporary’ password).

In recent months, Wikileaks’s Twitter feed, which is their only tool to communicate to the public while Assange is on bail, has been used to attack those who publish reports about Wikileaks in a critical manner. Take for example, the recent ABC Media Watch piece on the Wikileaks cables – which the Twitter feed said that it was based on “poor research”. They relented after an argument between Wikileaks and host Jonathan Holmes sparked on Twitter – which was very interesting to watch.

He has written an account of the exchange on the ABC’s The Drum.

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