Redesigning computer game design... or not

Just when you thought computer gaming couldn’t get any better, this arrives. Euclideon have apparently redesigned the way computer games are designed. This ‘new technology’ uses atoms to represent objects on a video game map instead of polygons (current method). This results in a clearer picture and way more detail. Though if you do your research, you will find that this sort of technology isn’t new.

nVIDIA has already released technology like this, called Tessellation. What their technology does is it takes the polygons games are currently designed with and breaks them down into smaller shapes, resulting in greater detail. This technology isn’t new, it was released with DirectX 11 and works on the GeForce 400 series graphics cards. One game that already features this technology is Metro 2033, which I haven’t played so I can’t comment on the quality of the graphics.

Going back to the new atom by atom based technology, according to the YouTube video, a SDK for this technology will be released to game developers “months from now” so we shall see if it exists, and if so, the full potential of it.

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