[REDACTED] is angry after Kogan 'leak' uses their name

[REDACTED] is angry after Kogan 'leak' uses their name


If you haven’t heard, today is [REDACTED]. But the organisers are in the news today after it reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to Kogan for using the [REDACTED] trademark in its “leak” press release stunt.

Yes, this is apparently a tech news story. It should be noted that Kogan isn’t officially part of the [REDACTED] event that’s happening today.

In a response to The Age, Kogan says that a national online sales day should be open to all retailers, not just one central organisation. And he does have a point. [REDACTED] is trying to replicate Cyber Monday in the US – but the US online shopping sales day is not organised by one company.

The online shopping event known as [REDACTED] started last year, to a lot of media attention. But it also was a massive fail. On the day, David Jones attempted to cash in early but saw its site was down for two hours. And when the official launch occurred, many retailers saw their site inaccessible for hours.

And many took to social media to complain. It didn’t help when the organiser of [REDACTED] posted on Facebook:

Whilst some individuals are having issues battling against thousands of other shoppers, thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) are online, and successfully nabbing bargains with [REDACTED]… And clearly that couldn’t happen if the site was done

This year, [REDACTED] says that they are now able to cope with demand. However, with so many being burnt by last year’s event, I don’t see many people flocking to return and see what’s on special. Of course, it really depends on the deals offered during [REDACTED] – but don’t expect a lot offering massive savings.

I’ll leave you with the words of Gizmodo’s Luke Hopewell, who simply writes: “Who gives a fuck about [REDACTED] anyway?”

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