Reader's Survey: We want your opinion on us! Yes, really.

Reader's Survey: We want your opinion on us! Yes, really. will be approaching five years online in 2012 – a very big achievement. However, we want to hear from you, our readers, on where we should be covering and focusing on in this Reader’s Survey.

Why ask? Well, without you we wouldn’t have lasted this long. We started in 2007 as a small blog, and now we have pushed to have articles, tips, reviews and opinion. And while we grow up and expand from text to audio podcasts and video, I felt that you also should at least have some say in where should move in the upcoming years.

How will it work? A simple comment. Yes, a simple comment on the site on this very blog post. Alternatively, you can send us a Twitter message with @techgeekcomau, or alternatively post it on our Facebook page.

We want to hear both sides: our haters and our devoted readers. Be constructive in any criticism, and be as harsh as you can so we know where to improve. We also want to hear a variety of opinions in many areas – such as our content, reviews, opinions, contributors and our podcasts. As well, feel free to offer any suggestions on where to improve.

Just a little note: don’t make any personal attacks on our editors. That is really not helpful in assisting any improvements.

So come on, add your voice! Comment below.

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