Razer reveals Project Christine - new modular PC concept that simplifies upgrades

Razer reveals Project Christine - new modular PC concept that simplifies upgrades


Razer usually showcases a concept at CES – for instance, the Razer Switchblade in 2011, and Project Fiona (that became the Edge) in 2012. This year’s concept is Project Christine, and it aims to make building and upgrading a gaming PC as simple and painless as possible. How? By making everything ‘modular’.

Project Christine will let all users to configure their own PC – even if they don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever. You simply plug modules – like a CPU, a GPU, and hard drive – into the central backbone. Once slotted in, Project Christine automatically syncs the modules thanks to PCI Express. And because of its modular-ness, if you simply want more graphics processing power or storage, you just add a new module or simply remove an existing one and replace it.

Each sealed module is entirely self-contained and includes an active liquid cooling system, which will keep it quiet and – according to Razer – mean that you don’t void warranties by overclocking said components. It also includes a LED touchscreen control display so you can keep an eye on the PC.

However, I should stress again that this is a concept, and Razer might decide not to make this available to the consumer. But you may never know. If gamers love the concept, they might decide to make it.

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