Razer is making a fitness thingy too - introduces the Nabu smartband

Razer is making a fitness thingy too - introduces the Nabu smartband


Yes, my suspicions were confirmed – everyone is working on wearable technology. The newest entrant in this space is the gaming headset and accessory maker Razer, who has announced at CES its new Nabu smartband.

Like all other smartbands, the Nabu will track your fitness, sleep and location; and will push notifications from your phone to the smartband. However, notifications will be either on two OLED  screens – a public icon screen at the top of the wrist, and a private message screen on the inside of the wrist that has detailed information about the notification. It also has a 7 day battery life, according to Razer.

However, what makes the Nabu different is the social aspect – the Nabu’s band-to-band communication will let users find nearby friends, mutual acquaintances, and others based on user-defined settings.

Razer promises that the Nabu will have an “open development platform”, allowing all developers to build new apps or update existing ones for Nabu users. It will also come with a utility app for iOS and Android that will include the smartband settings, notifications received, app synchronisation, and registering for opt-in programs.

The Nabu will be available worldwide later this quarter with no retail price announced. Developers, however, can get their hands on the Nabu now for $49. Gallery and video below.

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