Quibi: game-changer. Big names, short-form content

Quibi: game-changer. Big names, short-form content

You’ve got Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Stan, and.. whatever else is on your app list. But let me introduce you to Quibi, it is something very different, and only recently launched. While Australia has not been through an ‘official’ launch phase, Aussies can still access Quibi legally and easily via their app.

Have you noticed that your attention span is fairly short now? Maybe you’re someone who prefers to watch a series, rather than a movie, simply because 30-40 minutes is more comfortable than 2 hours. Quibi is your saviour; why? Because the episodes on Quivi are always shorter than 10 minutes, or as Quibi calls it “Quick Bites”.

This is very cool. Quibi is the name used for the show, so when you’re ready to start binging through its “quick bite” episodes, there is even an excellent option for when you’re on the move. Each Quibi is purposely made to work well in both landscape, and portrait mode.

Landscape also offers you an interesting view of the content. When Quibi showcased the footage of a guy discovering his girlfriend was cheating on him, the viewer could rotate their device to portrait to see his phone as he saw it, and see the Instagram Story that revealed her making out with someone else at a party. You can really feel like you’re apart of the drama.

Lets get down to the cost

Quibi starts at $5 per month for a package with ads, with 1-2 ad breaks per episode that could be as short as 6 seconds per ad. Quibi also offers an ad-free version that’s $8 per month. Ads should only take up 2.5 minutes per hour, according to Quibi’s CEO Meg Whitman.

This really makes it a clear alternative to Netflix, a cheaper one too.

Even better, for those who commute on transport with terrible reception, all plans currently offer download capabilities. Unlike the obvious competitor, YouTube.

Show me the content!

Here are three promising looks at some content coming. Not only are we seeing great actors, we’re seeing content from Vox and BBC.

You can see their current full listing on their website here.

Will it survive?

I think so. Quibi is quite niche, and things that are niche have survived the storm of Netflix. For example, Crunchyroll is aimed towards Japanese anime fans. If an anime fan was to use Netflix they would find themselves disappointed quickly with how little anime content there is.

Grab it now:

.. and yes, you can cast it with AirPlay!

Interested to know more? Check out the Quibi website. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

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