Pyne: Liberal's broadband plan may change

Pyne: Liberal's broadband plan may change

Remember that embarrassing $6 billion broadband plan that was going to simply patch up the existing copper wire network from the Liberals? Well, that may soon change, according to Christopher Pyne, talking to the ABC on Sunday.

Just don’t expect it any time soon.

“You wouldn’t expect our policies in 2010 to be precisely the same as 2013,” Pyne told the national broadcaster.

“Refining means ensuring that our policies remain fresh, up-to-date with existing circumstances and picking up the aspirations and hopes of the Australian people.”

For now, the Liberal’s strategy is simply promoting why the NBN was a bad investment, and that is all on the shoulders of former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull, exposing the non-existent business plan of NBN Co – which was formed to handle the roll out of the NBN, as part of Labor’s $43 billion broadband plan that it brought to the election table.

Image from: Kainet/Flickr

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