Pump Air 2 Review: A new favourite from BlueAnt

Pump Air 2 Review: A new favourite from BlueAnt

Released today from the Melbourne based sound pioneers BlueAnt, who have clearly spent the time to produce something that is not just sexy to look at but puts out high quality audio, let me be the one to introduce the Pump Air 2 microbuds.


Utilising Bluetooth 5.0, and backing of a company with 16 years of experience in bluetooth – you would expect a good result. The Pump Air 2 delivers with sound that I would personally say outperforms Powerbeats Wireless. 

The usual sample of Classical, Pop, House, and Rock – all were a great result. House bass was not as solid as wired studio headphones (of course), however, I can see myself dancing in the street. To top it off, external sound sources are fairly isolated, so when you’re asking me to stop I probably won’t


The Pump Air 2 comes in Black, White, and Rose Gold. We’re a fan of the Rose Gold too. However, the classic black is not a miss.

Each bud comes with a subtle but delicate pattern that gives it that strong character we need. A button on each which allows both audio and phone call control. 

The case is smooth and has no obnoxious branding – it’s a fantastic choice for minimalists alike, and again – it’s sexy, the kind of sexy you can’t resist.

Unfortunely though, the case does not wirelessly charge. Which was a little disappointing when comparing to competition. 



There are a set of 7 Comfortseal ear tips to pick from, catering for all. You should expect a nice tight fit. These are not the kind of earbuds to be affected by sweat or movement. For instance, after a 40 minute gym session I had no fall outs, and I sweat a lot. Each bud sits firmly in the ear, as expected with the in-ear style. 

We’ve given it a

  • Score:



    Great sound, comes in an easy to use portable case. Ideal choice of colours.

    The Bad

    Case does not wirelessly charge.


    Competitors coming at over $250, this is a serious choice at only $169.95. Real bang for your buck, no b.s.

In conclusion, if you’re considering wireless earbuds you’ve just met your match. For Under $180 from this Melbourne based company it’s fairly irresistible. Well done BlueAnt, we’re impressed

BlueAnt is a respected Australian consumer electronics and audio lifestyle brand with over eight
million devices sold to-date. The company has a track record of innovative product design and
exponential growth, with products currently retailing in over 20 countries. BlueAnt has supplied
many of the world’s top consumer electronics retailers.

BlueAnt was founded by Taisen Maddern in 2003 and pioneered hands-free Bluetooth products in
Australia, developing the first dual microphone Bluetooth headset, before entering the US market.

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