PSP 2 Dev Kit caught on camera

PSP 2 Dev Kit caught on camera

The PSP 2, the long awaited and still unannounced sequel to the PSP, has just had it’s photo taken and leaked by VG247. It’s a Dev-Kit, and definitely not final hardware but still very interesting.

In typical leaked fashion, the photos are terribly grainy, presumably from a 2002 mobile phone. But they do confirm that, at the moment, the PSP 2 will have a front and back facing camera, a track pad and dual-analog sticks for some fun FPS action.

It is also said to have a “HD” screen and an amazing amount of RAM, double that of the Xbox 360. The chipset has yet to be finalised.

While the photos seem real, the system will be changed dramatically before the release, expected to be late 2011, and the specifications may change too. It’s all rumours at the moment, but it is starting to sound great.

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