PSN "fully restored" today - PlayStation Store returns!

PSN "fully restored" today - PlayStation Store returns!

Thought you will never see it again? PlayStation Network is today being “fully restored” with other services – such as the PlayStation Store – to be reactivated after a crippling attack (and data theft) managed to force Sony to pull its servers.

In a press release, Sony will be restoring the services in all territories – with the exception of Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. As well, as part of this restoration, Sony will soon launch its “Welcome Back” package, with more details coming soon as it is still being tested.

From what the United States has received, get ready for a bunch of brand new updates and DLCs from games – most likely due to the fact that Sony pulled its servers down and were planned for release during the shut-down. We highly suggest you buy using those gift cards – rather than putting your credit card details.

And for those Qriocity users, the service is also slowly being restored.

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