PS Vita to get a price cut - both Wi-Fi and 3G models now same price (in Japan)

PS Vita to get a price cut - both Wi-Fi and 3G models now same price (in Japan)

PlayStation Vita - 13

In a desperate move to get the PS Vita sales up – well, in comparison to the Nintendo 3DS – the company has announced in its PS Vita Heaven Japanese presentation that it will cut the price of the PS Vita in Japan. Both the 3G and Wi-Fi models will be 19,980 yen (or $208 AUD).

With the new pricing, Sony is cutting 20% of the original price for the Wi-Fi edition (24,980 yen); and at least a third for the 3G model (29,980 yen) – which is very significant. However, Nintendo’s 3DS console still remains cheaper – the LL (XL in the West) is 18,900 yen.

Between February 28 and March 18, Sony will also offer a 7 day trial of its PlayStation Plus service and it will also offer several games – like Uncharted and Ridge Racer – for free, via the “Free Play’ service. Also,first time buyers on the PlayStation Store 200 yen of credit if access between February 28 and March 4.

Additionally, the TV HD recorder ‘torne’ app for the PlayStation Vita will be free until March 13, normally 800 yen. ‘torne’ for the PlayStation Vita allow players with the ‘nasne’ PlayStation 3 accessory to download recorded videos from their PlayStation 3. Currently ‘nasne’ is a Japan exclusive product.

Moreover, new members to the ‘Reader Store’ app will receive Sony Points equivalent to 480 yen and will be able to purchase color comics and manga – such as ‘One Piece’ and ‘HunterXHunter’.

The price cut comes into effect on February 28. Whether or not this will occur in Australia or around the world is unknown, but expect an announcement when Sony has their English press conference on Thursday (AEDT).

Gabriel Huynh contributed to this report.

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