Project Natal now called 'Kinect', more games revealed

Project Natal now called 'Kinect', more games revealed

E3 2010: So say goodbye to Project Natal. Don’t worry, the project isn’t getting scrapped like Courier, but it the name will no longer be used. Microsoft has now officially called the project Kinect – yes, Kinect.

“For lots of people, that controller is a barrier,” Creative director Kudo Tsunoda told USA Today. “We set out to make a new control paradigm where anybody can get in and play, without having to read the instructions or learn a complicated set of controls.”

Like the Wii, Microsoft will also be making some games for the new accessory in order to showcase what you can do with Kinect – Kinectimals, letting you train and play with virtual cats; Joyride, a racing game with people ‘holding’ an steering wheel and use their bodies to execute tricks; Kinect Sports, which is similar to the Wii Sports; and Kinect Adventures, which we are left little details about it except for the fact it will have a river-raft time trial and obstacle course.

Also in the works is Dance Central by MTV Games, bringing a So You Think You Can Dance-esque experience; and Disney and LucasArts are teaming up to produce separate games with their characters.

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