Prepare yourselves, Road Rollers are now autonomous and self-driving

Prepare yourselves, Road Rollers are now autonomous and self-driving

XCMG Group has revealed an Autonomous Road Roller and completed the World’s First Asphalt Road Construction, all through self-driving autonomous road rollers.

XCMG jointly developed the autonomous road roller with Tsinghua University and the Sichuan Railway Investment Group. The autonomous Road Roller made its first debut along the Panda Expressway, which is currently under construction between Panzhihua, Sichuan Province and Dali, Yunnan Province, and was successful.

Since 2018 XCMG has been investing in autonomous road construction. Two years later, they have robot rollers that are driverless to build your roads. The group had signed a strategic agreement with the Sichuan Railway Investment Group and Tsinghua University to deepen their cooperation in the field of autonomous road construction. Since then, the three parties have applied for a total of nine domestic patents, namely three for inventions and six for utility models and technology.

Should we prepare to be flattened by robots? Not really. The self-driving road roller is equipped with a variety of safety measures and a real-time monitoring system which can sound warnings, conduct an emergency stop, enter and exit sites automatically and avoid complex obstacles.

The interesting question is what will come next from XCMG as they solve complex problems with the construction industry.

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